4 Ecommerce Features Your Business Needs to Make Money

No matter what business you are in, having a robust Ecommerce experience is the foundation for success. It’s not enough to have an amazing product. You also need to leverage the latest Ecommerce technology and best practices to maximize profitability.

eCommerce Features

Drive Sales Across All Devices

If you are going to run a successful Ecommerce website you need to think about your mobile users. Every day more users are accessing the internet from their mobile devices with the intention of shopping online. Whether it’s to buy something immediately or to price compare, mobile commerce is becoming a growing trend.

Make sure your Ecommerce website is resonsive for desktop, tablet and mobile. This way you can reach more customers and grow your business from any device.

Fast & Easy Navigation

Your website should be optimized for both the back-end and front-end performance. On the back-end, you want a robust system that offers fast page load times for frustration free browsing.

On the front-end you want a navigation structure that is simple and intuitive. The goal is to get people from the Home page to the products they want without having to figure out how your site works. If the process of buying your product feels like work, customers are more likely to leave your site or abandon the cart.

Comprehensive Product Descriptions

No matter how simple or complex of a product you are selling, your product descriptions need communicate the information necessary to make an informed decision in a layout that is simple to understand. A wide variety of images and clearly defined options instills confidence in customers and reduces the number of returns.

A Scalable CMS

As your business grows you will need to update the pages, categories, products, and promotions of your website. Pick a platform with a robust CMS so you have room to grow. Paying a developer every time you want to update the website is time consuming and expensive.

Dynamic Marketing Solutions

You won’t be able to sell your products if potential customers can’t find you. Make sure your store has the necessary marketing tools to grow your business. Your website should be search engine optimized and have the ability to offer promotions.


There is a lot to consider as you get ready to open up shop and sell your products online. Having a scalable platform with robust Ecommerce functionality will give you runway to operate and grow your business.